Dettaglio di un interno in stile classico-rustico

Exclusive service

Atelier Santoro provides clients with an exclusive and highly professional service.

We ensure constant on-site assistance and unlimited telephone availability throughout the duration of the construction. Clients can in fact call the owners of Atelier Santoro on a dedicated telephone line at any given time, should they feel the need to exchange a new idea with the creative designers or talk to them about a doubt or a new requirement.

Exclusive service also means that the client will choose the location, the time and day of the meetings, both in the design phase and in the construction phase. For example, should the client so desire, we could arrange to go and meet him in Sardinia during his holiday or in London if he is there to work.

Atelier Santoro works always and everywhere alongside the client, towards the desired outcome.


MILANO | Via Ippolito Rossellini 12
ROMA | Piazzale Flaminio 19
UDINE | Piazza XX Settembre 14
Tel +39 347 7600478
Tel +39 351 9454947
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