How does the planning of a villa begin?

The starting point is the client’s desire; as the plan begins to take shape, there are naturally some adjustments; new drafts are drawn, which eventually lead to the creation of a unique and exclusive villa, tailored around the client’s desires.

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Custom design

All the works of the Atelier Santoro boast an extremely complex and unusual design, whether it be villas or commercial environments. In fact, the planning phase is the fundamental starting point for obtaining a finished product that becomes a work of art by right.

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Guaranteed exclusiveness

Atelier Santoro, synonymous of craftsmanship and exclusivity, guarantees a unique product created specifically for each client; each villa is in fact patented as soon as the design phase is completed and before the construction phase begins.

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Construction flexibility

All the products, although already unique and patented, can be further customized according to the client's wishes regarding the use of construction materials; in fact, it is possible to choose between traditional masonry, wood or wood and straw.

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Extravagant requests

One of the fundamental canons of the dogma of Atelier Santoro is to realize the wishes of the clients, even and especially when they are of an extravagant nature.

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Craftsmanship: our prerogative

A distinctive feature of Atelier Santoro is the constant use of craftsmanship: from design to construction, from furnishings to curtains...

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Exclusive service

Atelier Santoro provides clients with an exclusive and highly professional service.

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Atelier Santoro is also an expert in bio-architecture, thanks to its national specialists in the sector.

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Atelier Santoro also offers a 3D space design service so that the client can perceive in advance how the designers intend to develop the interior and outer spaces.

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